183 Rockwood Academy students become published authors in poetry competition

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Following Rockwood Academy students’ previous success in a series of Young Writers competitions throughout the Winter and Spring terms, students from Year 7, 8 and 9 have excelled with their writing achievements once more.

290 Rockwood Academy students joined over 8,000 students nationally in submitting competition-level poetry for creative writing organisation Young Writers’ annual Poetry Escape competition. Students were tasked with writing a poem based on a topic they felt strongly about, and Rockwood Academy students responded by penning poems covering mature and sophisticated subjects including mental health, poverty, war and various forms of discrimination. The competition challenged them to write descriptively yet concisely with a strict 100 word limit.

Rockwood Academy usually opens competitions of this nature to KS3 students only, however as Year 9 students were studying poetry at the time of submission, they were encouraged to submit entries to enhance their learning experience.

183 of the 290 entries have been successfully selected for publication in an upcoming regional anthology that collects chosen entries from across the West Midlands. This is fantastic news and Rockwood Academy are incredibly proud of all of our soon-to-be-published writers.

The competition was organised at Rockwood Academy by Miss Saeed, who commented: “Our students continue to be increasingly creative writers with a resolute focus on improving their literacy skills.  They truly embody the CORE values of excellence and opportunity, thus making this achievement most well-deserved. I am so very pleased for yet another noteworthy success for Rockwood Academy’s students.”

Pastoral Manager for Year 9, Ms Walker said: “I am extremely proud of what the Year 9 students have achieved, especially the boys who used to struggle with English at the start of the year. I knew they could succeed and am elated that they now have!”

Some of the students share their thoughts on being made published authors:

  • ‘My family are really happy and so am I.’ (Taybah, Year 9)

  • ‘This is the first time I have ever been successful in a competition, I’m so proud of myself!’ (Jamal, Year 9)

  • ‘I’m genuinely shocked that I have succeeded, as I didn’t think I would!’ (Ahmed, Year 9)

  • ‘I used to find English very hard as a language, so I am especially happy to have achieved this!’ (George, Year 9)

  • ‘I am grateful for the guidance that my teacher gave me and am proud that I have been so successful.’ (Anis, Year 7)

  • ‘I didn’t think my poem would be chosen so I am surprised and overwhelmed’ (Liyba, Year 7)

Rockwood Academy are incredibly proud of the inspiring and mature submissions from all of their students and look forward to celebrating further success in the future.