Echo Eternal Rwanda

Monday 11th November 2019


This year, as part of the Echo Eternal Project, students at the academy will be looking at the “Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda”. As a part of the project, students have already attended a journalism workshop in London, where they had the opportunity to work alongside renowned journalist Natasha Kaplinski. Students learnt about how such a topic would be covered in an interview. Students learnt about the planning which journalists carry out before they actually interview someone.

As a part of the Echo Eternal project the academy have been gifted the testimony of Marie Chantel Uwamahoro. Students had the opportunity to visit London and take part in the interview process working alongside Natasha Kaplinski who interviewed Marie and other survivors.

The feedback from our students included:

“We are spreading awareness for the Rwanda genocide through our project and I have already learnt so much which I didn’t know. It is important to talk about genocides to make sure we never make the same mistakes again.” Shannon Rostam

“I have learnt a lot from the project. We have used modern media technology to make our presentation. We have learnt to think critically and we have seen different ways we can express our ideas.” Imran Khan