J.E.E.P Programme

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Rockwood Academy is one of three West Midlands schools selected to participate in the 2019 Junior Engineering Engagement Programme.  The programme is being run by the Transformation Trust.

Through this initiative twenty of our Y7 students are developing their understanding of facilities management and sustainable engineering.  The students will be taking part in four in house workshops between November and February as well as a site visit.

In their first two workshops students have been learning about the importance of engineering in building design and the uses of motors to generate sustainable energies. Students were eager to investigate and discover the impacts of different types of sustainable technologies, this led to a fruitful discussion on the design of the new Rockwood Academy building!

Throughout the workshops, students have been exposed to different STEM disciplines and skills, which will help them to develop their project skills. As part of their project, our students have been working collaboratively to come up with their own sustainable engineering solution for Rockwood Academy which they will be showcasing to school leaders and other schools in the J.E.E.P programme.

A year 7 student said, “I didn’t know much about facilities management before I started the programme, but now I have learnt how facilities are run in different businesses. I also have learnt that I want to work as a motor engineer in the future”.

Another year 7 student said, “I really enjoy the J.E.E.P workshops; they help to me to develop my presentation skills and confidence. I love working in the science laboratory on the different practicals”.

The Transformation Trust has commented on the enthusiasm, curiosity, dedication and commitment of the students throughout the workshops.