Rockwood Academy Radio is live!

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Students from year 7 to year 10 have recently taken part in a training session on how to use our brand-new radio station. Students learnt how to use microphones, how to go live and how to use jingles and BEDS (Background music) to make a radio show really exciting. We thoroughly enjoyed having training from Russel, our very own radio guru! 

Afterwards the students wrote their own radio show with sections on the weather, current news and interesting discussion topics. We even had a live email address with shout outs coming in from across the school! 

All the students really enjoyed their time learning how to use the radio station. These students will now be used as radio ambassadors and will help to train other students, so that the radio station can be used across the curriculum to enable students to gain confidence and practise their public speaking skills.  

A student said, “I never thought I would get an opportunity to try radio presenting. I have really enjoyed creating todays radio broadcast. The best bit was the reaction from the rest of the students in the school!”

The broadcast will continue throughout the year!