Year 6 Transition at Rockwood Academy

“A warm welcome awaits you here…”

I am immensely proud to be part of Rockwood Academy’s journey, and as a collaborative team of staff, students and parents we continue to work extremely hard to take on every challenge and get the best possible outcome for every single one of our students. We are rightly proud of our students, and we are committed to developing them not just academically, but as fully rounded, respectful, ambitious young people who are ready to succeed in, and contribute to, modern society.

Whilst we expect the very best from all of our students, we also recognise each and every one of them as the individuals they are. For this reason, our curriculum is personalised to meet the needs of every student, to ensure that every child is supported and challenged to make maximum progress, whilst also ensuring the development of the whole child. We have very high expectations of our students, and expect them to take responsibility for their learning, taking every opportunity to show a strong thirst for knowledge.

In all aspects of our work, we insist on high standards and it is this passion for excellence that drives us to continually improve on previous bests. We encourage our students to do the same, and by recognising their potential, we instil in our students a deep belief that they can make a difference to themselves, their families, their community, and society as a whole.

A warm welcome awaits you here at Rockwood Academy.

Miss S Darr – Headteacher

Important Transistion Dates:

Dates Events
01 June 2020-June 08,2020 SLT Welcome Call to Parents
17th June 2020 Transition Booklet sent home to parents
W/C 22nd June SLT FAQs-transition booklet-call to parents
02nd July 2020 Year 7 Virtual Transition Day
07th July 2020 SEND Additional Transition Day
7th8th July 2020 Uniform Sale
13-20th July Competitions

Meet the Year 7 Team

Director of Learning Welcome

“We pride ourselves on providing our new students and parents/carers with a smooth and successful transition from primary to secondary school.” – Ms S Mckoy

What makes Rockwood Academy so special? We have excellent teaching and learning; outstanding students, staff, parents and carers who champion our core values and commitment to equality and diversity.

At Rockwood Academy, we are working tirelessly to ensure the start of your secondary school experience with us, is one of discovery, progression with an enthusiasm to learn, which leads to holistic success.

We pride ourselves on providing our new students and parents/carers with a smooth and successful transition from primary to secondary school.

Our Year 7 Pastoral Manager and Form Tutors are looking forward to meeting all our new students; supporting their development; through the enjoyment of challenging, engaging lessons, enrichment activities and pastoral care.

We believe it is crucial that our students fulfil their potential. We aim to develop the talents of our students creating opportunities and inspiring dreams to become the next generation of business, intellectual and may I say, political leaders. This will not only benefit them as individuals but our community and society as a whole.

At Rockwood Academy we provide a high quality curriculum and effective teaching which we consider critical for a successful start to Key Stage 3, ensuring increased challenged for students of all abilities. Routinely receiving information, advice and guidance to make the right choices they need; to develop a self-assured and independent approach; in preparing for their future studies, is key to their progress.

I am looking forward to meeting and embarking on the journey with all the students who will be attending Rockwood Academy this September.

Ms S McKoy – Director of Learning Year 7